The End of Saturn in Scorpio 2015: Unveiling Deep Truths of Sex, Power and the Holy Grail

The End of Saturn in Scorpio 2015: Unveiling Deep Truths of Sex, Power and the Holy Grail

My final thoughts and some deep things to share regarding Saturn leaving Scorpio and how it connected me to a deep past life as Sir Lancelot, mastered my seduction qualities and showed me the darkest sides of myself.

To set the record straight, I was born with Saturn in Scorpio, so this is very personal. This is not an easy place to have a Saturn return, it truly is one of the toughest Saturn returns anyone can deal with. Saturn in Scorpio exposes you to the deepest shadows buried at the bottom of your own personal coffin. It strikes you without any warning. When Saturn is in Libra, the placement right before Saturn in Scorpio, we are all in the Libra realm where striking and pounding come with a final judgement that is handed to you after being placed judgement on. Scorpio has no judgement, it literally takes no prisoners, whether you are from the good or the bad. We have all had to truly see parts of ourselves we never thought we would have to deal with. In many ways, we would have never believed it would be, especially if someone told you this years ago.

The great part of Saturn in Scorpio is the illumination. The only way to be truly illuminated is when we see the darkest parts of who we are and see the contrast to the great light beings we truly are. Scorpio also deals with our sexual side, our seduction qualities and with Saturn here, how do we master it? I have spent the last three years revealing all of my Scorpio sexual traits and learning to master them. I was also born with Mars in Scorpio which is a natural placement for Mars, and rules the sexual side of Mars. Sex is something many people in the world have trouble with. Mastering sex and seduction, believe it or not, is the mastering of your nature to draw in and manifest many things. Without this quality, many people work their butts off and wonder why they didn’t receive anything? I am not saying that seduction is the answer to getting everything you want in this life. What I am saying, it is the ingredient many people think you “must have” the “looks” or be “born” with it. Seduction is something that you work on and have to face your own self-worth and value with. (Taurus is the house that opposes Scorpio). Sex and seduction is one of the many different tests of your self-worth value system inside yourself, and how well you can draw in the things you want in your life. Mastering this realm can be difficult and dangerous if used for the wrong side of things. Trust me when I say this, you should have seen me three years ago, go look at my pictures…mastering your sexual and seductive qualities, is hard work and doesn’t happen in a day, or a week. You are not born with it, you simply learn to be it.


Past live regression have been a very big part of my spiritual journey. I have Scorpio at the bottom of my chart (IC/4th House) which means the past lives go very deep and dark in many ways. I have Mars and Saturn in Scorpio at the bottom of my chart. When I did many regressions, I ended up in every war imaginable. I also discovered I have always been a military leader, and led battles in many lives. Never spent my lives getting married or having kids (Still haven’t figured that one out) because I was always at war battling and leading troops into battle. Death always surrounded me and I spent much time in Egypt as a warrior and have past life remembrance of living in grief after leading people into the battle to die. This is where I ended up following the patterns of Scorpio in my chart, living with the dark, the grief and power that Scorpio holds as well. The greatest past life experience I have is of Sir Lancelot. The quest for the Holy Grail, the failure, the deep intense sexual past of Guinevere, the round table with Arthur, my experience with learning the occult with Merlin. I would say I connected the most through my Camelot journey through Saturn in Scorpio. But most of all, all these part life experiences made me realize I am here to lead people into the right direction this life and I am learning how to master the deep intense nature of who I am. We all are.

crawl lancelot-and-guinevere

Believe it or not, I was able to relive many of these experiences through becoming The Leo King. Re-creating photo shoots and literally experiencing the past life resurgences as Saturn swiped the bottom of my chart in Scorpio. It was the scariest, darkest, and most alone I have ever been. I can say that on the other side of this, I have seen the great power I possess and the care that is necessary to come with it. This is the true test of Saturn in Scorpio, whether or not you have the power or not, the ability to change and transform this world, your life, and see the deepest parts of who you really are. It is a mystical place filled with the occult, filled with the truth, and most importantly, filled with the true power source of yourself. I have attached pictures that were shot of me during this time so I could capture and relive the true essence of my Scorpionic roots.

chairnew holy_grail_tapestry_the_failure_of_sir_launcelot

I will always be on the search for the Holy Grail, what I never realized in my life as Lancelot is that it is inside of you, that God is with you every second, and you need to trust in God for everything. Death is scary and liberating. You find your power through your mastery of your desire, your sexual nature and your passion. I wish you the best as we leave this awesome and yet horrible transit that will make anybody of any stature, age or belief system tremble.  I think it is so important to connect with the deeper roots of who you really are, however mystical it might be,  It it truly a time to wake up. Most people are afraid of the word occult because it describes the unknown.

lancelot Galahad_grail

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The Truth of Saturn Returning Into Scorpio 2015: Facing The Dark and the Bullshit

coachella_galore_magSpiritual Awakening seems to be very popular now.  Everywhere you go, everything you seem to see on Facebook and Twitter is related to this “new age hippie.”  Here in Los Angeles, it has even become the latest trend, wearing what seems to be the new fashion trend and becoming the futuristic hippie who attends festivals like, Coachella and the world-famous, Burning Man.  Like any other trend, it will fade and another trend will takes its place faster than it came about.  What makes spirituality so different, it can make a lasting impression on the individual soul who dares to tread in the mystic waters of consciousness that reflects every unconscious and ego loving part of oneself.  Many will look into the reflection and leave quicker than they went home to normal life on Monday after the show.   The spiritual journey comes with a great cost, the loss of ones unconscious rooted identity.   It is only a matter of time until someone plays along the banks to the gateways of truth, until there is a major choice that comes into ones journey.  Will you continue to play in your costume of what is known, or plunge into the depths of the magical journey into the unknown?

The death of the Ego is called, “The Dark Night of the Soul.”  Before reaching such a deep and powerful place in one’s journey, it usually begins with the excitement of reaching the decision to move forward into the spiritual journey.  There is an indescribable feeling of bliss while the ushering in from angels above guide you into destiny.  You can tell you have reached this exciting juncture point because you are reminded of the life force we are all born with.  There is a certain magic that fills the air with every conversation, and with the thoughts that put together genius understandings that only the divine could have helped you with.  What we never hear about is the darkness that comes after.  The true light bearers master the darkness.  When that darkness shows up, and reveals its head out of the water is when you make your decision to stay on the spiritual path or not.


Do you know anyone that wants to face the dark side?  We live in a world that does not even attempt to accept it.  There is a quick fix for everything dark in one’s life, take a pill, think positive, go to that retreat, etc.  There is nothing wrong with shifting the perception back to the light, it is the world we live in, the natural order of life where light does win. The truth that lies behind darkness is just that, truth.  Truth is the day you are at your family members funeral, the day you have experienced the call from the doctor, and the revealing of what has lied deep beneath and behind the problem you have been experiencing.  Truth has beauty in it as well, like the day you realize you are done with a problem and ready to overcome it.  Darkness is not some thing that is out to get you, but the catalyst and necessary ingredient to the light. Our light is stronger the darker we go.

Saturn is on his return back into Scorpio June 15, 2015.  He has been in Sagittarius since December 24 2014 where he does not like to hang out.  Saturn is about bringing the order of the universe he rules to whatever sign he shows up in. Saturn is the so-called, “ruler” of this reality.  We live in a Saturn based world, and in many ways, many don’t see his influence around the world.  This is a world with great universal laws and rules that keep it the way it is.  Of course, chaos can sometimes be the perception of the unaware eye, but when you look at the masterful truth, this reality is structured and manufactured to contain. Since Saturn is the teacher that hits the hard lessons, I have always seen this world as the training wheels or drivers education to true and full-blown free will.  Saturn does rule limits, he also rules growing up, but the most important ruler-ship he owns is, time.  True free will is for another article but take a moment and see if your life is based on the timing of everything? Or, if you really think you control the moment or have the free will to change the time the Sun comes up?  A Saturn world is about the masterpiece you can create of great achievement, because without timing and without structure, you will never see the greatness of the tallest mountain, or the billion of years it takes for a Sun to reach its peak light.

Saturn has always gotten a horrible reputation for being harsh, realistic, depressive, slow, controlling and restrictive.  It is not easy to be the light beings we are and accept these traits.  As sovereign souls, we are built for quite the opposite, light, love, positive optimism, boundless and nonrestrictive borders, and being free to roam anywhere we please.  It might be hard to accept the truth, because in the world we live in today, we repress everything.  For thousand of years we have endured the battle of good and evil.  The evil has been slain and never won, and this is what keeps us going.  Is evil some force that keeps coming back to us for its vengeance?  Or maybe it is evil’s job to burn out our great light and love?  Saturn in Scorpio can be viewed in many fashions.  The typical astrological view has always remained surface to me still.

Instead of spending my time examining the Saturn in Scorpio viewpoint form a classical standard, I am choosing to write this article because I believe what is coming for everyone is a truth that can be hard to reveal.  But with any truth comes the greatest dawning of light ever.  Study the zodiac and you will see that after every water sign comes the fire.  There is a fire to burn bright in all of us, we are all here to burn our brightest and shine in our uniqueness.  What is the truth that is to be revealed?  In all of our lives individually, there will be great Scorpio truths that have to come to a completion.  On the collective consciousness scale, the truth of Saturn himself is revealed.  This is a very weird way of looking at this transit but at the deepest level, I feel that Scorpio is always here to reveal.  Saturn in Scorpio reveals the boundaries we all have between life and death, positive and negative, good and evil and the deepest revealing of the reality we live in, Saturn’s realm.  Saturn is known for eating his own child and cutting off cupids wings.  Reality sure has a way of reminding us some of these truths. Saturn in Scorpio is where the cutting actually happens.


Boundaries separate countries, they separate the line in the sand that defines what is and what isn’t.  Truth has boundary lines, because without the bottom of an issue, we can never see the top.  Saturn in this space can be very harsh because whatever the bottom of an issue is in your life, you are bound to feel it, all the way.  Some have always said that Saturn in Scorpio cuts to the bone, but it is here where we know it is bone that we hit.  We all have to arrive at the core of an issue, we all need to reveal the deepest part of lives in order to reach our most beautiful self.  The roots of a tree are hidden underneath the dirt, some would say it does not look pretty, but it has its own naked quality.  That is why Scorpio rules nudity and sex. In many ways, we all have to find that raw energy of the soul, the naked truth in us all.  An orgasm only comes when you have completely connected with that raw truth, that raw nature, and you have fully embraced the rawest forms of what nature has to give. Whether that rawness is the pheromones between two people, or the rawness of intimacy that trust binds emotionally.

Saturn in Scorpio is not scared to reveal what is necessary in your life to die, that is the whole point.  It is here to reveal what must end, and what new life must come out of it.  The harshest reality that is exposed in all of our lives is the boundary lines of what we can and can’t do.  Saturn in Scorpio is the biggest party pooper transit we can have, he is the police officer that shows up at the party and stops the fun, all because the party is breaking the boundary lines of noise to the next door neighbor.  Saturn in Scorpio has the reign to put an end to what is out of line and what things are crossing over into the wrong areas.  Saturn must keep order and this is where he keeps order to the deepest parts of ourselves that are out of line. Consciously, this is where we all see the crap we keep getting away with, until Saturn shows up in Scorpio and puts an end to whatever was bullshit in your life. I say bullshit, because Scorpio is opposed by the sign of Taurus. Taurus clings onto whatever we find valuable, it also rules hoarding as well.  What bullshit have you been hoarding onto? Saturn in Scorpio likes to cut the stuff you don’t need anymore, and it usually the stuff that we need to let go of anyway, like that anxiety disorder that was hiding forever, the marriage that has no love or intimacy, the business partner that has embezzled for years, and the deep trust issues you have in different places in your life, etc.


The reality we live in has extremely harsh boundaries, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the greatest experience of all time.  As Saturn moves into forward motion on August 2, 2015, it will meet up with a harsh but powerful square to Jupiter in Leo.  Jupiter in Leo is the exact opposite of Saturn in Scorpio, it is the overbearing brightness of light and love, the spiritual guru that comes and tells you everything is possible, we live in an infinite universe!  This is what the ancient Greeks called, “The Battle Of The Gods.”  The two biggest planets and the two most fixed and powerful signs making hard angles in the sky.  We will be in for extreme consciousness show.


The point of this transit, and this article, comes down to a very deep realization. We live in a world with extremely harsh truths, the harshest being that we live in a Saturn ruled world where everything does have limits and structures and when you look at the harshest truth, we truly are under some sort of controlled restriction, some sort of higher consciousness of time that rules everything.  Saturn has always ruled the devil card in tarot and has many references to being the devil in the science and stories behind Saturn  It is hard to accept that we are in a Saturn ruled world, some say we are already in hell. The reason why this is actually true but looked at in the wrong way, is because this reality is so slow.  The time we must wait until something becomes real, the timing of our days, the slowness of this reality is what makes it physical and real.  It is only through this reality that we can actually fulfill these stories and lives.  It is actually slow enough for us to experience a beautiful kiss, the 9 months in a womb, and the beauty to watch the sun rise and set.

Our soul is not home.  Our home is infinite, it is full of no limitations and is boundary-less.  If you experience dream life, you will know the realm I speak of.  The reason why life can be so hard, is because of the grips this reality has on you.  The driver’s license required for you to have full permissions is really the passing of this reality.  Without mastering Saturn, and without realizing the Saturn world you live in, you will come back, time and time again.  Achievements only come after breaking ones back for decades at one craft, or lessons we learn after mastering things time and time again.  This is the reality that tests your ability to succeed, your ability to have enough time to figure it out.  When we are on the dark side of the coin is when this time capsule can be its hardest, we feel like we become stuck, we feel like we can’t ever become free. Welcome to Saturn in Scorpio, you must sit in what needs to be changed, the truth of what needs to be revealed in your life.

The good news is Jupiter in Leo is bigger and backed by the Suns ruler-ship.  Jupiter and the Sun together remind us that even though we are in a controlled environment, it is our inner light that will always expand beyond and be backed by the belief of positive energy.  We will always find love and love will always prevail.  That is what this life is about, the battle of dark and light, the battle of living in a world that is so controlled, yet somehow we always find the happiness eventually, we always find our inner light.  This clash between both these planets, is a controlled expansion in your life of the deepest truths that lead to your greatest light being lit.  You have felt it for the last 5 years as Jupiter and Saturn opposed while Pluto and Uranus began their series of squares.  We are all ready for that realization to find the light.

Qbmql3mWe have begun the greatest journey of our lives.  It is transits like these that get the dreams together.  Without the harsh truth of exposing what is wrong and what must end, we can not truly explore the realms of dreams and love that we desire so much.  Both these signs together combine to make the ultimate passion, the ultimate love and the ultimate struggle for extreme mastery.  You will find it in these times.  The ultimate test is if you have what it takes, being honest about the truth of the reality you live in, and the truth of the darkness you must become aware of within. Most important, is the belief that love and God will always prevail after massive devastation and darkness.  Saturn and Jupiter are about mastering.  This is a masters test.  For those aware, this is the real weeding out of energy that is not of the true light.  This weeds out the false prophets and exposes the ones that have the deepest light buried deep within them.

Saturn will leave Scorpio on September 17, 2015.  This is when we will spend the next two years of Saturn dealing with Sagittarius, the sign of beliefs, knowledge, exploration and philosophy.  No wonder we must spend more time in Scorpio, because after we finally reveal and finish with our most intense transformations of self, we can finally figure where and the hell we are going.  We must be stripped to the bone before we apply the new colors of Sagittarius and the directions that we all believe we can go.  Allow this Saturn in Scorpio transit to be the clearing up you need to get where you really want to go.


So I ask you this, “As you walk into the spiritual awakening process, are you sure you are ready to face the truth?”  I say this, because when Neo in, “The Matrix” took the red pill, he ended up throwing up in his room when he awakened from reality.  As more and more people become awake, this next three months will be the ultimate task to master the awakening process and be exposed to the final masters test of death and rebirth within.  Becoming spiritual is something that will never be popular, because when one truly accepts this great truth, it is the day they enter a world that looks like nothing like the one they entered from.  You will see parts of yourself that you swear up and down is not you.  The veil will be revealed.


Saturn in Scorpio does not accept the fluff as an answer.  It delivers the truths that you probably don’t want to hear, but leads you to where you need to go.  Good Luck, you won’t need it though.

David Palmer

The Leo King

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2012: Opening A Portal of Self Awareness and Truth

2012 has been a year of extreme change.  A year for many of us to remember. Although what’s funny is in the system of the world we live in, it seems to be going through the normal and familiar changes of technology, governments and world events.  Even as we had an extreme storm (Hurricane Sandy) on the East Coast that touched people around the world and shocked us in ways that are unthinkable, there is an underlying current of human emotion and feeling that is a rip current of energy swelling inside each one of us.  Humanity as a whole and every individual soul is undergoing the most extreme changes on the inside.

Inside of all of us there seems to be the greatest drama ever taking place.  Our emotional levels are intense and we are testing our inner strength, inner faith and most importantly, we are learning to look inside ourselves for the answers.   As an astrologer I give readings to people around the world every week and can honestly say I am amazed at the beauty of the awakening in each person I connect with.  I too am awakening through each connection with the answers I must find in myself.  Our universe has been bringing us to a very important part of our lives, the time in which we take the veil off of our conscious state and awaken to the power of self.  It has been a long time coming for Earth to reach such a pivotal point.  Mother Earth herself is awakening and evolving in the same manner as we, it is true we are along for quite a ride.

I wanted to write this blog to give my astrological, spiritual and personal belief of what is happening in our current times. In all honesty I am channeling my higher self, nothing more. Speaking of channeling, I was given this gift a while back and did not fully utilize my gift until the last couple of years.  There are many channels who describe getting their knowledge and information from “outside sources.”  After using my channel in all my astrology readings, horoscopes and articles such as this, the answer to where my channel comes from was simple, it was from me.   As we enter this new exciting time in our lives we discover that we all come from source.  This source energy can be called “God” and has many different names.  There was a point in my life when I thought that the information I was channeling came from “outside sources” but that never felt right.  Just look at the term ‘outside source.”  This means it does not come from source.   The reason why I bring this up is because we are in a very confusing time.  People are awakening to their truth and like a baby are coming out of the womb looking for a home or mother to be cared for.  There are tons of different channels out there speaking of their information coming from some “outside source” and the truth is, these sources can be dangerous.  The only truth is within your own self and the connection with source it self.  The only thing we can rely on is the cycles of nature and the intuition of our own selves.

The reason why I became an astrologer was because the connection to spirit was related to the connection of the heavens directly related to us.  Astrology is based on the history of humanity and directly tied into universal science.  In all of my research of the occult, religions, history and science, it is my belief that we are truly in for some excitement on December 21 2012 but the truth is, we must not get confused.  The only guide that one can follow during this transmission from the universe is your own gut.  To be frank, besides my own intuition (which is always right) I use astrology as my other guide.  There are so many stories, shows, gossip and propaganda for this 2012 event.   The plain out truth is nobody knows what will happen and nobody has the answer.  The only thing you can follow is the opening of yourself and to learn that the connection to source can only come through yourself.  We all experience this life in our own unique perspective.  What happens to you on 2012 might not happen to your best friend.  We are all in for our own experience, that is the reason why we are all here, to remember who we are.

The portal of truth is opening.  We are responsible for the changes we make and for the reality we create.  In order for such amazing things to happen we must clear lots of energy from our past and clear out the things that restrict us from reaching our destiny.  I feel that because there is such an amazing road ahead, there is a lot of clearing and new ways to access your spiritual self.  As you look around at the world you have known so well, you might be asking yourself, ” Am I crazy?”   The answer is that you are not. The world we have grown to understand and know does not energetically flow with spirit, nature and the way of the universe.   If you look around at the places, people and events that flow with your vibration you are in the right energy.  If you start looking around at the material world we once knew as a kid, the world disconnected from spirit, it seems to be fading away.  The football games mean nothing, the shoes that have a hole are no big deal, the excitement of the new iPhone is a joke.  We are entering a world where our spirit dictates what is all around us and we have the control to be in the world we want to create.  What does your imagination get excited for?  What is really exciting in this world?

In this coming month we breakthrough our fears, we breakthrough old structures, we breakthrough the barriers that are in between our connection to our higher self and source.   This is a time when it is actually good if your life is not flowing with the old ways, this is because you are transcending and entering the new age.  There is a lot of positive and negative information about the new age.  The truth is we are entering a new time period whether it is spiritual, technological or part of the cycle of our universe. Prepping for this time is something you do on the inside.  By becoming free of the old paradigm you enter into this new age like a new-born baby awakened to the world for the first time.  This new age is bringing us to a world we have no idea what to prep for.  The training wheels are coming off and it is time to live as a soul who follows heart, listens to soul and uses the mind as a teammate and not a prison guard.

It is time for you to face your fears, it is time for extreme change.  Do not fear the truth that bubbles from deep within, accept it and go with the flow.  The truth can only come from deep within right now and when we thought we knew our life, the universe has thrown us the biggest curve ball of all time!  This is the time for us to hit a home run for our truth and to step into the destiny we knew would always arrive.  The more you accept the fact you are not perfect, the more you accept the fact that we all have inner emotions and fears to face, the more you realize that we are coming into a change that will bring about who we really are.  When we become who we really are, we can reach the boundaries of soul and know for certain there is nothing deeper than the fear, anxieties and desires we have deep inside.  This is how we change, this is how we rebirth into our truest desires.

We can not sacrifice for what we do not want anymore.  Now is the time to go into what you truly desire and do what you feel deep inside your soul is right.  What do you want to commit to?  When we enter a zone of real, we are living in what we have always wanted from deep within.  The greatest human trait is to hide the deepest emotional desires and fears one experiences.  This is the portal of change that cuts us down to the grain and brings us the clean slate we deserve.  Every soul deserves to live in true desire and deserves to live without fear.  The only way this will happen is when you stop resisting and release, accept and do not deny the truth.  The truth is that you must have the power, the courage and the deep reserves of energy to propel yourself into this portal.  Do you have the balls?  The ovaries?  These are the times.

I have been told from family, friends and people to come back to reality.  It surprises me to hear this from others that have never experienced the bliss and excitement of the life I have lived.  To be honest, I am here to tell you that your connection to your imagination, your soul and to your infinite heart is FAR more important that the way you handle life in the system that has held you from it.  It gives me honor to represent the world as a dreamer that has made my dreams and heart desires come true.  I feel inside my soul to be a leader of this time period to encourage you not be scared of your dreams but to embrace them, to follow your gut no matter how crazy it may seem and to live in a state of ecstasy that only you can find from within.  There is no “outside source” that can give you this feeling or energy.  There is no “outside source” that can make your dreams happen or the connection of your soul to be dripping in ecstasy.

As we move into this age you must understand that when you are down and go through this intense transformation that the people you reach out to for help and guidance might bring you the tough love of this reality.  In many ways this can be a “reality check” into the reality that you were birthed and have grown up in but the truth is to not forget about the eye on the prize.  I laugh after the last couple weeks of extreme change I have gone through and remember how special I am.  I remember that nobody in this universe has the unique code of what I represent, what energy I possess and the dreams I have accomplished.  It is in this power of self power, self remembrance and love of self that brings you back even after the most powerful spiritual storms we experience.  Sometime it takes a beating from the inside to pick yourself back up and blast your power back into this reality.  It is not about how you blast the power, it is from where you access it.

The power of self is magic, the power of many self-powered souls is where we change our world into something special.  We need each other, we need the love from one another but without the power to embrace your imagination, believe in your dreams, the people who are here to help you can’t.  This is the important aspect of love, we must all light the candle.  Make sure you help your loved ones, your friends and your twin flame but make sure you carry your load.  The load you carry is your self-awareness and your knowledge.  It is your responsibility to awaken, to research and realize this is not the universe you were taught to understand.  The power of the universe is not taught at schools but from your own opening of awareness and knowledge.  Do not be left in the dark.

I leave you with the power of an open mind, the power of self-love and the understanding that you have the power to enter a new reality.  This is a new time in which you connect to the source within you, not from any “outside source.”  It is time to remember your power as an individual leader.  Our humanity needs to bond a collective of powerful leaders, not workers.  It is to hard for me to call myself a “light worker.”  This is a term that strips away your power as a leader, a being and a special soul.  We are all leaders, we are all-powerful beings, let’s start assessing this.

Find the power of the one by accessing the power of YOU.

I can not give you the answer to what will happen to the world on December 21 2012.  Nobody can.  Nobody can tell you how the world will experience this time slot of reality.  When you access universal knowledge make sure it comes from source and not from some “outside source.”  The power of love comes from within you, what you do with that love comes with the power of you.  Can we connect the dots of love throughout humanity?  I believe we can and it takes more than the workers but everyone to join in.
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The Turning Point of 2012 and Beyond: Awakening To Your Truth

It has taken me multiple times to write this article.  It has morphed from one subject to the next.  Each new insight being the building blocks of the message I want to deliver today.  If you don’t like shaving against the grain or extreme change, I don’t think you will want to read this.  My intention is to only speak truth, to express the viewpoints I have made through research and taping into the energy our universe is communicating.  We begin with our bubble.  Humanity, Earth and our Solar System are entering the finale to one of the greatest shows our Universe will provide us.  This turning point in time is extraordinary, powerful and completely transforming.  Humanity as a whole is undergoing the next step in its evolution and is about to undergo illumination in higher waves of frequency.  Our world’s technological advances is a perfect example of how our human consciousness has increased at record rates.  As the world that surrounds you advances and becomes more connected to light, we are also going through the same equation inside of our souls.  These last six months provide us with the closure, enlightenment and true connection to the core of who we are individuality and all of us collectively.

The most recent technological advancement in our world that brings excitement and great insight is the progression of Voyager 1.  There are numerous news articles that were released in the second week of June describing Voyager 1 and its evolutionary leap for humanity.   The satellite we sent up into space in 1977 is now approaching the end of our solar system and is exiting what we call our “heliosphere” and entering the border called the “heliopause.”   This is humanity reaching it highest potential but more importantly, our human consciousness is expanding outside of the box we call “reality”.   Until this moment in consciousness and technology, we have always been stuck in the bubble.  Our human consciousness has been to the edge of Pluto.  We have telescopes and technology to view outside of our bubble.  Not until this point in time our actual human element is ready to physically explore the wonders beyond this point.   Spiritually speaking, we are now expanding our consciousness outside of this bubble and will realize in the coming months that there is more to tap into besides what we know in our reality.

Technology and spirituality are linked in a very important way.  I view the advances in technology as the external view of what is going on within the collective consciousness.  It is this rapid rate of light that has multiplied in rates that are hard to fathom.  Each day that goes by, we are met with new advancements and more evolved products that surpass the previous versions.   The same is going internally in each individual soul and the collective soul of humanity.  If we take a look at our world today, light is surrounding us more than ever.  As you sit here and read this article, there is light transmitting through the screen, your cell phone is a bigger screen of light than the last one you had and everywhere you go light is surrounding you more than ever.  Inside of your soul your conscious awareness is increasing.  It is becoming more clear everyday the truth of who you really are and is being guided in a way you never had before.   What is light?  Light is information.  Light is a higher vibration of knowledge.  Light carries life.  What is dark?  Darkness is ignorance and living without the knowledge.

All this 2012 business is probably confusing the hell out of you!  Is it the end of the world?  Is it the end of time?  Is it just another day?  The answer is yes to every question.  There are many ways to observe what is going on but the truth of the matter is, we are ending a cycle.  The end of darkness and the beginning of light.  With all endings come new beginnings.  The cycle never ends.  The importance of the time we are entering is the evolution of humanity into the next realm.  This is the dawning of living in the light, the dawning of leaving the dark bubble we have been stuck in for so long.

With all of  the great advances spirituality and technologically, comes the hardest part to comprehend.  As we are entering light and expanding rapidly, we are at the strongest point of darkness.  Since we are at the cusp of such great change, comes the surrender to the old and the acceptance of the new.  As an astrologer I use the tool of astrology to understand the code of universal consciousness.   Astrology is a tool, not a religion or a belief.  It is a conscious observation of the cycles of consciousness and energies we go through.  If we take a look at our state of consciousness now, we are at the end of the cycle which is the darkest before the dawn.   Even though our souls are at the highest vibration ever and technology and science are breaking the code in amazing and high levels, we are forced to deal with truth.  The truth is, we are living in a world that is not vibrating with the natural process of our vast universal cycle.   Individually, we are not vibrating at the higher levels of consciousness that are becoming available to our species.  Humanity is in the “12 House” as we call it in astrology.  This is where the darkness meets the light and in order to do so, we must surrender and live in our true spiritual calling, our true connection to collective consciousness.  This darkness is the weeding out of what does not work in our world and restricts us of our core.  It is this part of the cycle where we overcome the blocks and obstacles that get in our way.

The history of our world is now compressed into this final last six months.  Every period and age is compressing into the explosion that starts December 21 2012.  When we reach this point, all of history and time will compress into one.  We bring all periods of time and close this chapter combining time coming together as one part of history.  This will be known as the pre-awakening.  In a better way to describe this, the periods of time and history that have always been broken up into ages and events will no longer be separate events.   The true divine calling is to understand who we are, to understand the choice we made of who we are and why we are here.  It is not until this point in time of when we reach the beginning of a new consciousness.  This will be the beginning of our new identity, the beginning of our newest evolution.  A new period of time and collection of events that are different from the period we are ending now.  There really is no way to compare the new age to the old we are leaving, this new cycle is so new and transforming, we will not recognize the past.  The knowledge coming in is not ready to fully comprehend at this time.  We are still buried in the dark but yet so close to the light.

These next six months are lining you up to be on your fate train.  This is the train that takes you into your true self, the core you have not fully met yet.  The reality we are in now is an illusion of truth and a manipulation of our truth.  The channel we view our reality has been set to one channel.  The channel is set to limit us from our true nature in order to fill the need of the darkness that has been the cycle we have been living in.  Our universe is a place of free will but it is through the system of control outside of your own free will that has inhibited you from seeing more than meets the eye.  I know it is hard to understand the complexity of free will.  You have to understand that before you were born and thousands of years before our ancestors, other energies made there decisions in our universe of free will.  Whether you understand it or not, we came down here by making the free will choice to be here.  Once we are down here, it is the lesson of understanding the free will choice you made to be here.  This life isn’t about the choices you make since we have already made the biggest choice of all.  To be more clear, all the little choices you make everyday are nothing compared to the choice of you coming here into this life.  There was a plan you had when you made this choice.  It is all about the choice to follow that plan or be caught up in the external world which does not apply to what is the truth within.  It is in understanding why you are here and why you made this choice.  The events that happen in our lives are in synchronicity with the choice we have already made and our experience is a manifestation of a decision that was made already.  The clues and signs are right in front of you.  The free will choice you do have, is whether or not you will ride the wave of your destiny and connect with the conscious outlook of who you are.  Then there is the choice to resist this energy wave of the choice you already have made.   If you are living in synchronicity, if every event unfolds into one crazy connection, you are choosing to ride the way of choice you already made.   By you ignoring the truth and denying the fated energy of the choice you have already made, you are stuck in the channel that is not the truth and have the free will to live in the dark as you so please.

When you made the choice to enter this world, it was the choice to enter a world of darkness (ignorance) and come into your light (truth and knowledge).  It is the understanding of this that will change your perception and realize that there is more than one channel to watch in this life.  The external world as you know is set to one channel, yet on the inside of your soul there are multiple dials on the remote to tune into.  The only way to come into your true core and live in your light is to turn the channel internally to the stations our universe is broadcasting.  The turning point of 2012 is the ability to connect to the outer worlds channels that we have not been able to tune into.  The long period of darkness is ending and you have the option to tune into the other channels internally and watch as the channel you have been watching will change.  When you see the truth from the inside, the outside world will begin to change its perception and unveil the falsehood we call reality.  It is the belief that we have control of everything around us externally that provides the jail of your soul.  You must first break free of this external reality and go within to uncover the truth to the choice you have already made.  When we are concerned of what our parents think, society and many other entities, we actually in-prison our souls and lose the freedom of our true expression.  We make decisions based off the plans and structure of a reality in ignorance and darkness and prevent ourselves to live in the uniqueness of who we are and what the original plan was connecting to the choice we have already made.  In no way am I putting anybody down or putting society down but the truth of the matter is, we have prevented ourselves from living out the destiny that is set before us.  Until this shift in perception is embraced you are living in a reality of insanity.  As Albert Einstein quotes,  “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Complying to the structure that limits your true core is insane.

Your fate is calling more than it ever has before.  The change of perception is the key to unlock it.  Tapping into the source of who you really are will unveil the red carpet down the path you have already chosen.  As Voyager 1 leaves are heliosphere and enters into the outer reaches of space, human consciousness is now open to expand beyond the limits we have been in for centuries.  A new channel will be added to your dial and we are going to experience what is on the other channels.  The option is up to you.  Are you willing to explore outside the realm you are in now?  Will you explore the outer reaches of conscious awareness that is available to you?  Will you choose to forget the choice you already made coming into this world?  There is free will,  the free will to choose your destiny or not.  The free will to comply with insanity or to comply with your spiritual adventure of truth.  Will you stay in the dark or come into the light?

Hold tight, the next 6 months are full of changes.  The truth will be coming out day by day.  The old structure of our world is crumbling in order to create a new one.  You must understand that the fall of this structure is actually the birth of doing something new that will get us out of the problems we have to deal with today.   It is this constant fixing of a broken system that is insane.  It is like giving a dying person so many surgeries that they are not even conscious anymore but just staying alive to function.  You pull the cord when it is time to move on.  It is time to pull the cord on the prison your soul is stuck in.  Not following your heart and restricting your free will to live in your true core is insane.  Voting for people in our government that do the same thing over and over again is insane.  Why vote for anyone?  We should all not vote and get real people back in the system.  Hunger and poverty around the world is insane.  Worshiping  individuals and idols who conform to what the system tells them to do is insane.  You must see the patterns, you must change your perception and awaken to the truth.

If you want to find your core you must go within.  If you want to stay in this core you must not conform to anything that denies you your freedom to be the unique soul you are.  Worrying about what others think of you or seeking approval from any place of a broken society is insane.  This only locks you up in a prison that does not allow you to live the fate you are here to understand.   I could care less of what anybody thinks negatively about this article.  What matters is that I express my core and I live in my truth.  If I worry about what my family, friends or circles think, I will lock away my true core and throw away the key.  This would then lead me into living in a society of doing the same thing over and over again.  It is time to take the red pill and wake up to your truth.  Will you live these six months the same way that you have for your whole life?  Will you branch out and expand your consciousness to outside of the bubble and connect to the truth?  It is time to leave your prison and break free into the true meaning of freedom.

Definition of FREEDOM

: the quality or state of being free: asa : the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or actionb : liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : independencec : the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous <freedom from care>d : easefacility <spoke the language with freedom>e : the quality of being frank, open, or outspoken <answered with freedom>f : improper familiarityg : boldness of conception or execution

Are you willing to be in a state of being free?  Maybe it is better if you conform like everyone else and do the same thing over and over again.  Maybe conformity to the old paradigm is better for you?  This is the final frontier of darkness.  The decision to ascend out of darkness and into light.   The choice to expand your awareness and realize that everything is one.  This new world can not be met with anger, jealousy or hate.  Just do not conform to the old paradigm.  It is time to conform to your truth, conform to your freedom.  This isn’t about governments, systems or money.  This is about you finding yourself.  Once you have found your true self then the universe takes you on a journey where everything is in alignment.  In order to hop onto your fate you must be ready to let go of the life you live now.  If you are comfortable and need security, you must break free and realize all that matters is your true self.  Loss of money, possessions, even death should not scare you because it all really doesn’t matter.  What matters the most is your truth.  What matters most is aligning with one.  Welcome to the light my friends, let the universe do its thing, there is no controlling it.  See you on the other side.

David Palmer

June 20 2012

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April 2012 Overview: Moving Forward Into The New Age

Here we are, April 2012!   Earth, Humanity and the Universe as we know it, is about to click into gear.  First gear has been stuck since January, the universe is replacing the clutch (Mars Retrograde in Virgo), the tires, brakes and shocks (Grand Trine in Earth) and we are going to drive our way into the new age!  I almost forgot, the universe also installed the best state of the art GPS (Neptune in Pisces) and a wild new flashy paint job is being drawn out. (Uranus in Aries).  Even the controls are different!  There are new buttons and switches that are simple, yet get the job done right (Pluto in Capricorn).  We are all being upgraded to move into the new age.

Mercury and Mars move forward in motion this April.  Up until this point, 2012 has been about aligning the dawn of the new age.  We prepare to push forward with drive, ambition and a new clarity.  Every individual on the planet is going to experience a radical transformation.  March brought about some great changes internally and built a new foundation in all of us.  Our souls now have a stronger core and a foundation to build on.   We actually start to build on the new foundation this April.

Over the weekend (March 23-24 2012) we all had quite a wake up call.  (The Sun, Uranus, Moon and Mercury came together in Aries) What is it you truly want?  I am sure new ideas, new perspectives and new clarity has filled up your soul, mind and ego.  Going into April, the trails are set, our awareness is illuminating and we anxiously await the exciting changes we all enter this Spring and Summer.

There will be tons of  mystery, suspense, action, fear, change and hope coming this year.  In my view, the great film of the year is the world we live in.  The movie is just about to start and it will be the greatest film of all time!

Earlier, I described the great radical transformation everybody is about to embark.  It sounds cliché but it is true.  Pluto and Uranus square and bring back the vibe from the 1960s, sort of.  The vibe on Earth and the vibe inside of you, is going to bring unexpected change, tension, strain and bring the rebel out of you.  If you think Occupy Wall Street was big, we haven’t seen nothing yet.  This square lasts through 2015.  Internally, we all want to run around with our ego’s radical new ideas,  innovate our identity and become the new people we want.  The problem is we can’t go do what we want without ignoring the huge changes we all need to make.  Responsibility, structure and planning are just some of the things on the list we will face.  This feeling will be at all of our core’s and the core of society as a whole.  We are all facing the classic story of running away from control and wanting to be free.  All of this while pushing our own unique story and watching the structure of control collapse and rebirth itself.

The air will be filled with lot’s of energy.  An electric vibe that literally penetrates all of us and will never leave.  Just like the 60’s generation of hippies, musicians and so forth.  The radical change they experienced has never left them.  The great change we embark, will literally never leave us and will always be a part of who we are.  This is all going down while the biggest mysteries of the universe will be fog that fills all the gaps in between.

This square will affect everyone in their own unique and different way.  It depends on your chart and the placements of planets in your chart.  In my observation, humanity is about to shed the out dated forms of structure, rules and control we live by, while implementing new bright and radical ideas, all based on a new identity as a whole.

Get ready for the start of a new world, a new age and most importantly, a new you.  The, “chasing of empty” as I like to say, is literally coming to an end.  There is a deep purpose we all have and it is more than working 9-5 and watching the super bowl.  These are ways of life you may enjoy but not the true purpose of why you are here.

New ideas, unexpected news and big changes are lining up.  Don’t let fear have its grip on you.  Even when war, hate, jealousy and control run ramped, you will be called upon, to find your core and focus on the love and beauty that truly surrounds you.   That is the message the children of love in the 60’s sent the world.  People will really think it is the end of the world, when that is just a false expectation appearing real.  There will be a point to where  people will actually believe it could happen.   There will be wild weather, war propaganda and government/money problems.  If you find yourself stuck in the grip of fear, remember this blog and the square that is happening.  The world will not end, try to remember this if the time comes.  It is time to answer the calling of the universe.  The horns are blaring and it is time you listened to your gut.

April is the start to what we have all been waiting for.  The most important thing to remember, is we are all coming into the deepest connection possible with our unique soul and the universe’s mysterious powers.   People are coming back together as one,  bringing back the pride we have as humans and unifying with a new identity.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.  🙂

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*April 15 (Mars will be direct) is just the start.  Mid-June we start to hear the truth (Jupiter moves into Gemini) but the mystery will still remain…(Jupiter and Neptune square) My next blog is all about cracking open the expansion of truth that is coming to life near you.  I also have lots to talk about with Saturn in Libra and what we should expect this summer!  Stay tuned!

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Reaching Your Greatest Potential: Pluto In Capricorn and the Meaning of 2012

It was 2008.   The world was at the bottom of a steep mountain with nowhere else to look but up.  We start our journey on a road with loose footing, and the daunting task of finding the trail.  It is always a battle starting from the bottom and finding our way to the top.  2008 was the end of aiming high (Pluto in Sagittarius) and the beginning of climbing to the top (where we were aiming.)

Pluto is where the power truly is.  Transformation, is the main goal of wherever Pluto is.  From 1995 – 2008, Pluto spent his time in Sagittarius.  During this period, Pluto transformed our beliefs, brought big ideas to the surface and changed how high we aim.  Sagittarius is where we aim, or at least where we come up with the big idea of where to aim.  Capricorn is quite different. Instead of coming up with the “idea” of where to aim, Capricorn is about actually achieving a goal and making it to the top of the mountain.  With Pluto now at home in Capricorn, (since 2008) and transforming our goals through 2024, we find ourselves on the journey to the top of the mountain.

I have to say, Pluto has not been considered a friend to many.   He digs deep and exposes the truth,  sheds the skin off our lives in order to expose the fresh and the new.  Even though Pluto is the God of the Underworld, his darkness is what actually brings light.  It is hard for us to deal with his unforgiving ways of exposing what needs to die.  Death is not a fun place, the dark is scary in a world full of so much light.  In order to go to heaven as many believe, or to move on to the next life, or transcend to another dimension, we must die to move on to our next journey.   It is in this world of polar opposites that we must chuckle at the irony of such things.

If you take a look around your own life, the world that surrounds you and the drama that surrounds our everyday life, it seems everything is about reaching the top.  Capricorn rules goals, ambitions, career, plans, structure and all the traits of how you reach the top.  Whatever goal it is we have in our lives, we can not reach it without a responsible plan, structure and the ambition to look high and reach the top.  With Pluto here, the world truly is coming up with its big plans and starting the long road upward.  Our own goals are being planned and executed, but at the pace of Capricorn and Pluto.

The Planet Pluto and the sign Capricorn do quite well together.  They create some true magic, or better said, they move mountains.  Both are slow but make long-lasting impacts.  Capricorn is taking the conservative road, making sure you don’t waste away all that you have, so you actually make it to the top.  Pluto takes the longest to go around the Sun, his work does take the longest.  Pluto eats away at us slowly and is usually hard to notice in the short-term. It is the sum of many small changes that create a long-lasting big change!

So, what should we expect to happen during this time period?  I have put lot’s of deep thought into this subject, done lot’s of history and quite frankly have been watching the transit of Pluto very carefully.  I want to start out with the concept: The Power to Control.

Most astrologers use the alignment of 1776.  During this time period, the American revolution begun.  Pluto in Capricorn changes the structure of our world.  Most astrologers agree that Pluto rules government, some believe it is Capricorn.  The Mongolian empire reached its peak in the Pluto in Capricorn transit of the 1200’s.  History shows us great change in the power of control.  The structure of our governments are changed, old plans and structures are deemed old and tired and then killed.  Order is usually changed as well.  To obtain order, we need disorder to rearrange the plans.  History and the present, show us how order is changing.  It was taxation without representation in the 1770’s.  Now we deal with debt and a loss of control with our tax money.  I see big changes happening with how we structure our government, the power of control will reach its peak and a new plan for our nation will come together.

Like I said earlier, Pluto exposes the truth.  The reason for this is the sign of Scorpio, which rules Pluto.  Every Scorpio you know holds trust as one of their most sacred traits.  Scorpio people know a lie before you say it.  Pluto does the same thing.  The governments of the world, the plans, goals and structure in our own lives, are at the mercy of Pluto.  Deceit, lies and the secrets we carry, especially in the areas of control are going to be exposed.  Watch the world, as more lies are exposed and the truth will be told.  Pluto makes small moves but long strides.  Expect small exposures to lead to a big overall exposure of deceit in the name of control.

The most important part of the next 12 years is to stay on your goals.  The higher the ambition, the taller the mountain you will climb.  The universe has aligned all of us to reach as high as we can, especially in this time period.  We all will change through our aspirations.  In many ways, it is our careers that hold the goals in our lives.  One thing I want to add about Capricorn deals with recognition.  We are recognized by who reaches the top of the mountain first, or reaches the “tallest” mountain, or in some cases the “greatest” mountain.  In your life, this means the greater the goal, the greater the recognition, the greater the change.  Pluto is changing the rules, how we reach the top and what the recognition of reaching our benchmarks is.  We will come out of this cycle with a new outlook at what it means to reach the top of the mountain.

With this power you can reach anything you truly want.  The road to the top is unpaved, long and some spots are strenuous.  Capricorn is a serious sign, there are no fun and games in this space.  Responsibility is probably the greatest factor in this period.  We all are not responsible in some part of our life, this period is killing off what does not work anymore.  For the last 200 + years we have been reaching for the benchmarks we set back then.  We have reached that mountain top.  It is time for our world to set new goals, new responsibilities and new control.  A new world order is coming, how it will turn out is completely in the hands of us as a whole.

2012 is really about setting the intentions we want to reach as humanity.  Why do you think 2012 falls on December 21,  zero degree Capricorn?  This aspect is the center of the universe, where Sagittarius and Capricorn meet.  This is where aiming high meets going high.  Where the archer points and where the goat reaches the top.  The universe is a vast energy field of light and dark, positive and negative, yes and no.   We will never reach the end of the universe because after the big bang, the light still travels and never stops.  Since that time, the light has never stopped and we will never out run that light.  It will keep going on and on and we will never catch up.  With all the doom and gloom about 2012, consciously observe that for a moment.  Nothing ends, life keeps going.  Our world is about to change the foundation on what it was built, to finally set the goal of what we are here to do, how high will we reach.  The age of Aquarius is the age of humanity.  2012 is about setting the goals humanity is going to reach.

There are many other factors at play including planets in transit and the conscious awareness that is spreading.  The greatest events always can be described by the simplest of things.  December 21, 2012  is when the Sun moves into Capricorn.  The consciousness, the awareness and how the world expresses itself on that day, is to reach the top and set a goal.  With all the other transits, factors and theories, the astrology is truly that simple.  When you sit and observe everything and become one with the source, it all makes sense.   It is time to look at one another and realize we are in this together.  It is not the car they drive, the bank account balance and the status they have.  It is becoming one and helping everyone out as we journey together to the top.  It is time for you, me and us to each high, make a plan and be responsible.   It is time to journey to the top of mountain and achieve the recognition you truly deserve from God.

As an astrologer I am here to express and interpret what the planets and universe is telling us.  All I want in my life is to get my message to you and inspire you to be hopeful, to be happy and to live your life the way it was intended to, full of love.  Wipe that frown off your chin, take that negative thought and flush it down the toilet.   We are here to journey to the top of the greatest journey ever told.  Get those boots on and keep on marching.  The journey starts today.  The past doesn’t matter anymore, what matters is the plan you make for yourself, and the plan we make together.  If you need me for some direction of what the universe has in store for your journey, reach out to me on my website for a reading

Thank you,

David Palmer

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